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Sasha and Roma form an exceptional duo, working seamlessly as a team in the realms of photography and videography. Their shared passion for capturing moments of love and beauty extends beyond their professional collaboration. As a couple deeply in love, they understand the dynamics of romance and the significance of preserving precious memories. With a mutual affection for the beach, surf, and travel, Sasha and Roma often find inspiration in their shared interests, infusing their work with a sense of adventure and authenticity. Their synchronicity is evident in the way they anticipate each other’s movements, seamlessly complementing one another’s creative visions. 

Together, they create an immersive experience, combining stunning visuals with the emotional depth only a couple in love can truly capture. Sasha and Roma’s collaboration transcends the ordinary, resulting in photo and video projects that are as enchanting as the love stories they depict.

About. Wedding Photo and Video team Mexico

Roma Romanov

Hello I am Roman, a Destination Wedding Videographer based in Sayulita Mexico. My goal is to capture the moments that will bring you back to how you felt that day and provide a record that will remain you of each moment of your history, the story of two loving hearts.

I always try to capture it’s essence in every single shot and footage, the edition of my work is light and fresh, with this I keep the true feelings and memories from your special day. 

When I’m not behind the camera, I finds solace and inspiration at the beach. I love surf, skat and adventures.

About. Wedding Photo and Video team Mexico

Sasha Samsonova

Hello I am Sasha. I am destination wedding photographer specializing in capturing the magic of Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. With an unwavering passion for photography, Sasha’s lens has the power to immortalize love stories against breathtaking coastal backdrops. The beach holds a special place in Sasha’s heart, as it serves as both a muse and a tranquil escape.

This wanderlust fuels Sasha’s creativity, allowing them to infuse their wedding photography with unique perspectives and a sense of adventure. Sasha’s love for the beach, surf, and travel shines through their work, delivering stunning visual narratives that evoke romance, authenticity, and the beauty of unforgettable moments

About. Wedding Photo and Video team Mexico